Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Olympic BMX Seeding Is Complete

Anne-Caroline Chausson will rely on her scorching first seeding run to keep her first-place spot going into the Semi-Finals. Her time on that run would have put her at 19th in the men's field, above Michal Prokop. Jill Kintner managed to jump from 11th after her first run to 7th after her second. Jana Horakova keeps her 8th place standing. Am I missing any other mountain bike World Champions in the mix?

The results came from NBC online.

RankCountryNameTime Round 1Time Round 2Best TimeDifference
1 FRACHAUSSON Anne-Caroline36.66043.17436.6600.000
2 GBRREADE Shanaze59.33036.88236.882+0.222
3 FRAle CORGUILLE Laetitia37.60637.14537.145+0.485
4 NZLWALKER Sarah37.18737.54937.187+0.527
5 ARGDIAZ Gabriela37.59038.92737.590+0.930
6 AUSCALLISTO Nicole38.26037.71737.717+1.057
7 USAKINTNER Jill39.03137.91337.913+1.253
8 CZEHORAKOVA Jana39.21338.07738.077+1.417
9 SUIFAHNDRICH Jenny39.15238.20938.209+1.549
10 AUSBAILEY Tanya38.62138.28538.285+1.625
11 NEDKLAUS Lieke38.70938.80838.709+2.049
12 DENSOERENSEN Amanda39.18338.71938.719+2.059
13 CANCOOLS Sammy39.81339.13739.137+2.477
14 ARGDUTTO Maria Belen40.42340.19340.193+3.533
15 HUNHODI Aniko43.13741.77241.772+5.112
16 CHNMA Liyun42.56342.01542.015+5.355


cerebral scribbles said...

I totally lost track of Ann-Caro over the years, but wow - she's still proving herself as one of the most talented riders ever! As always, I'm in awe of all of these ladies, but GO JILL!!!

Freeride Foundation said...

Ok, so I'm watching the guys quarterfinals right now and it looks like there are 2 courses? So, maybe the girls rode a different course? Guess if they streamed the Seeding action, I'd be able to tell ;)