Friday, August 1, 2008

Crankworx Colorado--It's Happening!

Racing is already underway at Crankworx Colorado in Winter Park. Amy Scherm won the Pro Women's All-Mountain Super D, Nancy Morlock took the Pro Women's Super D, and Jackie Harmony Jackie Harmony smoked the Pro Women's Downhill. (Jackie had the 19th-fastest downhill run of the day.) There are still two more days of contests and racing left at Crankworx Colorado!

All-Mountain Super D
Pro Women
1. Amy Scherm
2. Tami Perrin

Super D
Pro Women
1. Nancy Morlock
2. Amy Scherm
3. Tami Perrin
4. Anne St. Clair

Pro Women
1. Jackie Harmony
2. Sage Wilderman
3. Rachel Bauer
4. Amy Scherm
5. Nancy Morlock

Amateur Women
1. Lauren Heitzman
2. Melissa O'Connell

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