Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tracy Moseley Bests Rachel Atherton in Canberra

Tracy Moseley powered her way through a mucky course to take the win at the Canberra, AUS World Cup downhill. She won both the qualifying and final runs over Rachel and Sabrina Jonnier, who took third overall. Rachel holds onto her UCI downhill points lead.

1. Tracy Moseley
2. Rachel Atherton
3. Sabrina Jonnier
4. Fionn Griffiths
5. Emmeline Ragot
6. Sheryl MacLeod
7. Mio Suemasa
8. Helen Gaskell
9. Floriane Pugin
10. Anita Molcik
11. Scarlett Hagen
12. Diana Marggraff
13. Caroline Buchanan
14. Helene Valerie Fruhwirth
15. Claire Whiteman
16. Leigh Douglas
17. Cara Smith
18. Amy Laird
19. Joanne Fox

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Caroline Buchanan Gets Her First World Cup Win

Australia's Caroline Buchanan took the hole shot out of the gate and led Anneke Beerten for the entire run in the Women's Mountaincross Final at the Canberra, AUS World Cup. She took the win on her home turf, making it even more significant for the 17-year-old. Click here to read her interivew.

1. Caroline Buchanan
2. Anneke Beerten
3. Julia Boer
4. Anita Molcik
5. Fionn Griffiths
6. Mio Suemasa
7. Diana Marggraff
8. Sarsha Huntington

Thursday, August 28, 2008

September's Featured Rider: Anka Martin

Anka Martin is one of gravity racing’s most charming characters. She has a positive outlook on pretty much everything, and it's contagious. If you go on a ride with her, expect an ab workout--you're going to laugh a lot. Anka handles customer service calls and emails for Crank Brothers, which allows her to travel and ride all summer with her husband Sven. She also designs clothing when Bend's trails are snowed in. You may recognize Anka from her recent Blog posts on, as well as her story about her Megavalanche experience.--FF

Name: Anka Martin
Home: Bend, OR and Cape Town, South Africa (when the white stuff gets too deep)
Age: 31 years young
Favorite type of riding: Trail riding, just getting lost in the forest for hours on end.
Why you ride: Freedom and pure happiness
Sponsors: Fluidride, Iron Horse, Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, Crank Brothers, SDG, Shimano, Sunline

My life used to be consumed by the fashion and advertising world. I got sick of watching Sven skateboard all the time, and of not having a hobby of my own to escape into. So, I bought a GT Zaskar hardtail for cruising the Huntington Beach boardwalk. This was in 1999, and I fell in love with riding the boardwalk. I eventually hit up some dirt trails and was hooked. About a year later, I entered my first cross country race at Big Bear, CA. Then I heard about downhill. Not having a clue what it was all about, I entered the downhill race on my little cross country bike. I ended up winning the beginner class with two over-the-bar crashes. It was out with the high-end world of fashion and in with chamois, knee pads and full-face helmets. I had fallen in love!

I have represented South Africa at the World Championships four times, which was an amazing experience. I did the NORBA points chase for about five years, when they still had like 40 women signed up for downhill! In those years we drove up and down and across the country to attend all the races.

The result that I am most proud of was when I first broke into the top 10 at the 2003 Durango National. I was racing with Missy, Fionn, Tracy Moseley, Leigh, Tai Lee, Tara, Sabrina, Anne-Caro, April, Elke—all the big names. So, it was super hard to get a top 10, and I ended up 9th. I was so stoked!

When I turned 30, I wanted to do something completely different, so I entered the Cape Epic multi-stage race in South Africa. I was getting burned out on the whole chasing-the-points lifestyle. I didn't want to go to the same venue again for the 6th time in a row to ride the same track for a week. I wanted to ride as many places as possible. I enjoy multi-day stage races and will definitively be doing some more of those in the future. I love riding, no matter what bike I am on. As long as I can ride, I'll have a big smile plastered across my face!

When you love riding, you learn things all the time because you spend so much time on your bike. Looking ahead, good braking and cornering techniques, and reading the terrain are some things that I find very valuable. Maxine Irving taught me how to ride a bike, and she used to shout to me to be “LOOSEY GOOSEY” and to “ATTACK THE ROCKS!” To this day, whether I'm just riding along or at some race, her words repeat in my head. Riding with guys and trying to copy them is also a great way to learn to ride your bike better, faster, and with more style. It's all about style, man!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Build Your Dream Store

Girls, I need your help. Interbike is coming up. It's the annual cycling tradeshow where retailers get to check out all of the rad new stuff for next season. And we get to claim our share of the goods while we're there, so you have the best selection of products available to you.

Last season, we missed out on Interbike because the Freeride Foundation concept hadn't been born yet. Though we've been able to bring in a lot of rad clothes, we missed out on a lot of sizes and colors that you'd probably be pretty stoked on.

What would you like to see on Freeride Foundation? We've seen requests for body armor, especially women's specific body armor, a higher quantity of smaller sizes in shorts (like small and extra small), and gloves. If you have suggestions, let's hear them! Let me know what sizes you're looking for, what colors you can never find, and what products you'd like to add to your one-stop shopping experience. You can leave comments on this post, join our Freeride Foundation Forum discussion, or email them to

Thanks in advance for your input. We're doing this all for you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Results from Final Canada Cup Downhill

Ok, so we're back to posting loads of results. There's been a lot of racing the past few days, so we're just trying to keep up. The last race in the Canada Cup series was held at Sun Peaks Resort, BC this weekend. Micayla Gatto snagged the win with four seconds to spare over Rebecca McQueen.

Elite Women
1. Micayla Gatto
2. Rebecca McQueen
3. Miranda Miller
4. Harriet Harper
5. Danice Uyesugi
6. Katrina Strand
7. Tanya Grunsky
8. Kelly Kozevnikov
9. Amber Zirnhelt
10. Kat Duffels

Citizen Women 19-29
1. Jamie Hill
2. Kari Mancer
3. Lisa Howey‐Couter
4. Danielle Baker
5. Jen Mancer
6. Caleigh Christie

Citizen Women 30+
1. Lara Dixon
2. Monika Marx
3. Christine Dennstedt

Women 13-14
1. Holly Feniak

Women 15-17
1. Jenna Phelps

Master Women 30+
1. Lisa Tedesco
2. Edith Janzen

Senior Women 19-29
1. Dawn Cashen
2. Alexis Moore
3. Kimberley Boyko

Junior Women 17-18
1. Casey Brown

We found these results on the BC Cup website.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Diablo Domination Series Round 3 Results

The third race in the Diablo Domination downhill series was held on Sunday at Diablo Freeride Park, NJ, after Saturday's Jeep King of the Mountain festivities. Isabel Georgian took a significant win for the pro women, which should move her to the top of the points standings. The next Diablo Domination race is set for September 15.

Pro Women
1. Isabel Georgian
2. Alexis Wruble
3. Karen Eagan
4. Amanda Pilling
5. Bonnie Chapman
6. Alicia Hamilton

Amateur Women
1. Kathleen Herde
2. Stephanie Fritz

Intro Women
1. Becky Gardner

We found our results at

Gravity East Series Race #5 Results

On the 17th, Sugarbush, VT hosted the fifth race in the Gravity East Series. I've only been able to track down Pro Women's results, so if anyone knows where I can find the rest, give a holler. I found these results at

Pro Women
1. Dawn Borque
2. Lauren Petersen
3. Alicia Hamilton

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jeep King of the Mountain Results from Diablo

I was going to leave you all in suspense about the winners of the Jeep King of the Mountain dual slalom races held this weekend at Diablo Freeride Park, NJ. But I'll be nice and post the results before you have a chance to see all of the action on TV. Kathy Pruitt bested Melissa Buhl for the win and a pocketful of cash! This event will air in September, and the next event in the series takes place at the end of September at The Canyons, UT.

1. Kathy Pruitt
2. Melissa Buhl
3. Lisa Myklak
4. Stephanie Nychka
5. Dawn Borque
6. Allie Burch
7. Karen Eagan
8. Fionn Griffiths

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Willamette Pass Downhill #3 Results

Last weekend, the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association held the third and final race in the Willamette Pass, OR downhill series. Sara Johnson wrapped up the win and took the top place in the series for pro women.

Pro Women
1. Sara Johnson

Expert Women
1. Becca Margulies
2. Melodie Buell

Sport Women
1. Shelby Reilly
2. Cherry Thomas
3. Ashley Smeltzer

Friday, August 22, 2008

Emily Johnston Interview on pulls out another awesome interview--this one's conducted on video. They check out Emily Johnston's dirt jump bike and talk to her about her career as a freerider. This former downhill racer has become one of North America's best female dirt jumpers. Click her to read all about Emily's bike and to watch the video.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anne-Caroline Chausson Takes Gold at First-Ever Olympic BMX

Anne-Caroline Chausson continued her reign of the Olympic BMX track in the women's Final tonight to take home the gold for France. She adds the Olympic gold to her multiple World Championship wins in downhill, mountaincross, and dual slalom, including downhill wins each year from 1996 through 2003 and then again in 2005. France landed a 1-2 sweep tonight, with Laetitia le Corguille taking home the silver. The USA's Jill Kintner scored the bronze.

These results came from the NBC Olympic site.

RankBike No.CountryNameResult
G 2FRACHAUSSON Anne-Caroline35.976
S 22FRAle CORGUILLE Laetitia38.042
B 33USAKINTNER Jill38.674
4 96NZLWALKER Sarah38.805
5 144ARGDIAZ Gabriela39.747
6 55AUSCALLISTO Nicole1:19.609
8 1GBRREADE ShanazeREL & 1:46.543

Women's Olympic BMX Semi-Finals Results

Anne-Caroline Chausson and fellow Frenchwoman Laetitia le Courguille advance out of the Semi-Final rounds at the top of their respective runs at the first-ever Olympic BMX races. Anne-Caroline was the top-seeded rider coming into tonight's Semi-Final rounds. She won all but one of her Semi-Final heats. Laetitia also won two out of the three heats. Anne-Caroline andLaetitia will compete for the gold against current mountaincross World Champion Jill Kintner, Sarah Walker, Gabriela Diaz, Sammy Cools, Shanaze Reade, and Nicole Callisto.

These results can be found on NBC's Olympic site.

RankCountryNameTotal Points
1 FRACHAUSSON Anne-Caroline4
3 ARGDIAZ Gabriela13
4 CANCOOLS Sammy14
7 CHNMA Liyun18

RankCountryNameTotal Points
1 FRAle CORGUILLE Laetitia4
3 GBRREADE Shanaze10
5 NEDKLAUS Lieke13
6 HUNHODI Aniko18
7 ARGDUTTO Maria Belen20

More Fun on the Forum

Have you checked out the Freeride Foundation Forum yet? Now's the time! It's a great way to connect with other women riders, ask questions, make suggestions, and spend more time surfing the web and less time working! (Please note, only surf the web while working. All other time should be spent riding bikes.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flyin' Brian Results

The sixth race in the Go-Ride Utah Downhill Series took place last weekend at Brian Head Resort, UT. Linden Kimmerer represented for the pro women in both the Super D and downhill races. The final race of the series will be held at Sundance Resort, UT August 31-September 1.

Pro Women
1. Linden Kimmerer

Sport Women 19+
1. Joy Sather

Beginner Women 19+
1. Kate Jones

Super D
Pro Women
1. Linden Kimmerer

Sport Women 19+
1. Kaylee Fisher
2. Angela Earle
3. Claudia Jackson
4. Melanie Bullock

We found our results on

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Olympic BMX Seeding Is Complete

Anne-Caroline Chausson will rely on her scorching first seeding run to keep her first-place spot going into the Semi-Finals. Her time on that run would have put her at 19th in the men's field, above Michal Prokop. Jill Kintner managed to jump from 11th after her first run to 7th after her second. Jana Horakova keeps her 8th place standing. Am I missing any other mountain bike World Champions in the mix?

The results came from NBC online.

RankCountryNameTime Round 1Time Round 2Best TimeDifference
1 FRACHAUSSON Anne-Caroline36.66043.17436.6600.000
2 GBRREADE Shanaze59.33036.88236.882+0.222
3 FRAle CORGUILLE Laetitia37.60637.14537.145+0.485
4 NZLWALKER Sarah37.18737.54937.187+0.527
5 ARGDIAZ Gabriela37.59038.92737.590+0.930
6 AUSCALLISTO Nicole38.26037.71737.717+1.057
7 USAKINTNER Jill39.03137.91337.913+1.253
8 CZEHORAKOVA Jana39.21338.07738.077+1.417
9 SUIFAHNDRICH Jenny39.15238.20938.209+1.549
10 AUSBAILEY Tanya38.62138.28538.285+1.625
11 NEDKLAUS Lieke38.70938.80838.709+2.049
12 DENSOERENSEN Amanda39.18338.71938.719+2.059
13 CANCOOLS Sammy39.81339.13739.137+2.477
14 ARGDUTTO Maria Belen40.42340.19340.193+3.533
15 HUNHODI Aniko43.13741.77241.772+5.112
16 CHNMA Liyun42.56342.01542.015+5.355

Anne-Caroline Chausson Snags #1 BMX Seed at Olympics

Yup, that's right, Anne-Caro smoked the field by more than half a second at the first-ever Olympic BMX Seeding a few minutes ago. Jill Kintner took 8th, and Jana Horakova was 11th. Ooooh! This is going to be good!

RankBike No.CountryNameTime Round 1Time Round 2Best TimeDifference
1 2FRACHAUSSON Anne-Caroline36.660
2 96NZLWALKER Sarah37.187
3 144ARGDIAZ Gabriela37.590
4 22FRAle CORGUILLE Laetitia37.606
5 55AUSCALLISTO Nicole38.260
6 17AUSBAILEY Tanya38.621
7 66NEDKLAUS Lieke38.709
8 33USAKINTNER Jill39.031
9 42SUIFAHNDRICH Jenny39.152
10 69DENSOERENSEN Amanda39.183
11 4CZEHORAKOVA Jana39.213
12 56CANCOOLS Sammy39.813
13 145ARGDUTTO Maria Belen40.423
14 146CHNMA Liyun42.563
15 101HUNHODI Aniko43.137
16 1GBRREADE Shanaze59.330