Thursday, October 30, 2008

November's Featured Rider: Nadia Steinbrecher

By day, Nadia Steinbrecher is a home health care nurse, but when she’s not tending to those in need she’s quickly becoming one of the best female freeriders in the country. Nadia can also be found studying nutrition at Colorado State University or shredding skate parks and dirt jumps. Nadia has an affinity for Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, OH, and she is always stoked to coach girls through tricks and stunts. Nadia didn’t start riding when she was 21, so we know she has plenty more tricks up her sleeves!--FF

Name: Nadia Steinbrecher
Home: Fort Collins/Boulder, CO
Age: 26
Favorite type of riding: Street/Park, Flowy singletrack, JUMPING!
Why you ride: It keeps me smiling, sane, and fit.
Sponsors: Black Market bikes, Girth, Deity components, Atomlab, Fox Shox, Kenda, 661

When I’m riding a trail, I don’t look for the fastest line--I look for the most fun one. Anyone who’s ever ridden behind me can tell you that I jump over everything I possibly can and wallride things that probably weren’t meant to be, well, wallridden.

With “freeride,” I feel like I get to express myself more on my bike. I’ve always been a creative person and I get so inspired watching BMX and Moto and I just enjoy doing tricks. I like showing the world that mountain biking involves more than spandex and dudes with shaved legs, and I hope I can inspire more girls to get their bikes off the ground and trying new things.

I ride because it clears my mind, I’ve made some amazing friends along the way, I get to travel, and I absolutely love it. I also like being able to do tricks that most boys don’t know how to do.

I’m such a girly-girl outside of riding. Before I got into bikes I was going to school for fashion design (I love to sew). My shoe and purse collection is embarrassingly huge! I’m also really into music (my vinyl collection rivals the shoe/purse assortment) and I play bass guitar. I’m working on my degree in nutrition right now, so I guess I’m interested in food too. I was never really much of an athlete before I started riding bikes, but this sport has brought out a side of me that I never knew existed.

Being able to relax and enjoy yourself while riding is key. I know personally that it can be very intimidating for girls (especially when you’re first starting out) to ride with guys (especially really good ones). I used to get so nervous before and during rides and just work myself up over nothing. I wasn’t having fun at all. Then one day I realized that riding bikes was not equivalent to root canals or a chemistry test and I started to enjoy myself so much more. Learning skills suddenly became fun and interesting.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Martha Hucker: Say It Fast

The Internet is a wonderful place. Through the magic of the interweb, the New Zealand blog-site Martha Hucker managed to find us. And we couldn't be more stoked to be connected to this awesome site, which is dedicated to women's riding. They put our blog to shame with their exclusive interviews and insights, but that's why we're telling you to check them out (and hey, we're busy trying to keep you stocked with super sweet riding kits). You'll definitely learn a thing or two about your favorite female riders from all over the world. We even found a sweet video of Colorado's Tammy Donahugh (see below). Thanks, Martha Hucker!

Speaking of all over the world, we're currently working to implement international shipping options on Freeride Foundation. We hope to have everything up and running by the middle of November!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships

The 2008 USA Cycling Collegiate National Mountain Bike Championships were held this weekend in Banner Elk, North Carolina. Hosted by Lees-McRae College, the Nationals consisted of dual slalom, short track, cross country, and downhill races for Division 1 and Division 2 schools. Fort Lewis dominated the Division 1 podiums. Emma Millar took home National Championship title in Division 1 Downhill, while Chloe Jackson from Lees-McRae won the Division 1 Dual Slalom. Robyn Embrey won the Division 2 Downhill, and Johanna Tuttle won the National Championship title in Division 2 Dual Slalom.

We found these results on and

Division 1
1. Emma Millar (Fort Lewis College)
2. Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)
3. Alisha Gibson (Fort Lewis College)
4. Hannah Trimble (Lees-McRae College)
5. Soraya Khalje (University of Colorado-Boulder)
6. Eszter Horanyi (University of Colorado-Boulder)
7. Sabina Kraushaar (Fourt Lewis College)
8. Carla Swart (Lees-McRae College)
9. Chloe Jackson (Lees-McRae College)
10. Andrea Kelchlin (Northeastern University)
11. Heather McFadden (Chico State)
12. Jamie Dinkins (University of Tennessee)
13. Ally Stacher (Lees-McRae College)
14. Kristi Henne (Lees-McRae College)
15. Olivia Maurey (Lees-McRae College)
16. Abigail Caroll (University of Colorado-Boulder)
17. Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder)
18. Margaret Sullivan (Northeastern University)
19. Sarah Lukas (Lindsey Wilson College)
20. Sara Hanson (Virginia Polytechnic)
21. Emily Benson (Lindsey Wilson College)

Division 2
1. Robyn Embrey (Sierra Nevada College)
2. Johanna Tuttle (Brevard College)
3. Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)
4. Jamie Bourgo (Michigan Technological University)
5. Rebecca Tomszewski (Appalachian State University)
6. Naticia Slusher (Mesa State College)
7. Courtney Steen (Colorado School of Mines)
8. Lauren Parker (Warren Wilson College)
9. Sarah Sietz (Union College)
10. Julia Tellman (Brevard College)
11. Tallulah Winquist (Warren Wilson College)
12. Melissa Marts (Colorado School of Mines)
13. Hanna Waldman (Warren Wilson College)
14. Nina Otter (Warren Wilson College)
15. Ileana Anderson (Warren Wilson College)
16. Amanda Gilbert (Appalachian State University)
17. Amy Russell (Union College)
18. Rachel Millsop (Union College)
19. Sarah Roberts (Colorado School of Mines)

Dual Slalom
Division 1
1. Chloe Jackson (Lees-McRae College)
2. Emma Millar (Fort Lewis College)
3. Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)
4. Neven Steinmetz (University of Colorado-Boulder)
5. Alisha Gibson (Fort Lewis College)
6. Hannah Trimble (Lees-McRae College)
7. Carla Swart (Lees-McRae College)
8. Ashley Grubb (Fort Lewis College)
9. Oliva Maurey (Lees-McRae College)
10. Sarah Lukas (Lindsey Wilson College)
11. Eszter Horanyi (University of Colorado-Boulder)
12. Sabina Kraushaar (Fort Lewis College)
13. Kristi Henne (Lees-McRae College)
14. Jamie Dinkins (University of Tennessee-Chattanooga)
15. Heather McFadden (Chico State)
16. Ally Stacher (Lees-McRae College)
17. Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder)
18. Soraya Khalje (University of Colorado-Boulder)
19. Andrea Kelchlin (Northeastern University)
20. Emily Benon (Lindsey Wilson College)
21. Margaret Sullivan (Northeastern University)
22. Abigail Carroll (University of Colorado-Boulder)

Division 2
1. Johanna Tuttle (Brevard College)
2. Robyn Embrey
3. Jamie Bourgo (Michigan Technological University)
4. Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)
5. Rachel Millsop (Union College)
6. Hanna Waldman (Warren Wilson College)
7. Rebecca Tomaszewski (Appalachian State University)
8. Courtney Steen (Colorado School of Mines)
9. Julia Tellman (Brevard College)
10. Vanessa Emery (Warren Wilson College)
11. Lauren Parker (Warren Wilson College)
12. Nina Otter (Warren Wilson College)
13. Melissa Marts (Colorado School of Mines)
14. Ileana Anderson (Warren Wilson College)
15. Sarah Seitz (Union College)
16.Naticia Slusher (Mesa Sate College)
17. Tallulah Winquist (Warren Wilson College)
18. Amy Russell (Union College)
19. Sarah Roberts (Colorado School of Mines)
20. Amanda Gilbert (Appalachian State University)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jeep 48Straight Finale

Fionn Griffiths won the final race of the Jeep 48Straight Series in San Luis Obispo, CA today. She bested Melissa Buhl in the final round. Melissa maintained her overall points lead and walked away with the series title, a heap of cash, and a Jeep! Visit for more info.

San Luis Obispo
1. Fionn Griffiths
2. Melissa Buhl
3. Kathy Pruitt
4. Lisa Myklak
5. Michelle Rivera
6. Stephanie Nychka
7. Joanna Petterson
8. Leslie Slagle

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Race for Tara at Sand Hill Ranch

Sand Hill Ranch in Brentwood, CA is hosting their second Race for Tara on November 8, 2008. Tara Llanes will be there too! Allie and I raced this 4x fiesta last year and it was super fun. Lots of people came out and there was a huge raffle. It sounds like this year's event is going to be even bigger and better. Get out there and Race for Tara! Click here for more information.

Edit to Previous Faux Pas Post

I failed to mention the pros and cons of full face helmets without or without visors. It's commonly accepted that visor-less helmets are not only unsightly, but are a sure sign that someone's recently taken a major digger.
Well, don't take it from me that full face helmets need to have visors, take it from the UCI's list of 2009 World Cup rules:
"Protections in Downhill/4X:
An approved full-face helmet must be worn properly fastened both when racing and when training on the course. The helmet must be fitted with a visor. Open-face helmets may not be worn."
So there!

Avoiding Gravity Gear Faux Pas: From the Top

We want all riders to look and perform their best out there, and that's what this series is all about. It's a community service. The guidelines of fashion are dictated first foremost by safety. You may not violate any of the laws of gravity fashion, but maybe you know people who do. This series could be the intervention they need so that they can keep all of their teeth until they fall out from natural causes.

I briefly touched on helmets and eyewear in our last article, and there are a few things that need a bit of clarification. As long as you're wearing a helmet, it can be a cross country, skate-style, or full face. I definitely wouldn't recommend riding too much downhill gnar in your XC cap, but hey, it could still be the difference between a coherent you and a concussed you.

Allie brought another important point to my attention. Wearing a full face helmet can often prevent tooth, face, and brain injuries while riding dirt jumps, slalom, and BMX tracks. The mouth guard will often hit the dirt first, preventing your jaw from slapping the ground and resulting in the aforementioned tooth loss and/or concussion. We're no scientists here, but there's a reason why athletes who go big usually opt for the full-faces.

I'll stand by the my statement that for safety reasons, you should always wear goggles (not sunglasses) with your full-face or skate-style helmet when riding and racing downhill. When you're pushing 40mph on a fireroad on your downhill rig, nothing protects your baby blues from wind and grit like a pair of goggles. However, it can be a real pain in the rear for prescription wearers to find goggles that'll fit over their glasses, inside their helmets, and prevent fogging. My advice is to keep looking and keep trying on goggles. The last thing you want is to crash, have your $300 prescriptions go flying, and find yourself stranded in the woods with a bunch of big fuzzy brown blobs--any of which could be a tree, a bear, a moose, or a Sasquatch.

Finally, a word about goggles. There is a difference between snow and moto. Snow goggles are designed to insulated from the cold, while using that cold air to vent and prevent fogging. Moto and gravity goggles are meant to be worn in warm temperatures, and use even more venting to prevent fogging. You'll sweat less and be more comfortable when you wear moto-specific goggles. Also, snow goggles usually don't have the grippy rubber on the straps. The grippiness helps to keep your riding goggles from slipping off your helmet while you're po-go-ing down rock gardens and through breaking bumps.

Join us next time for an enthralling discussion about upper body armor.

Click here to read the first installment of Avoiding Gravity Gear Faux Pas.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NEMBA Wicked Ride of the East This Weekend

The New England Mountain Bike Association is hosting its annual Wicked Ride of the East this weekend at Harold Parker State Forest in North Andover, MA. Karen Eagan and the Vitamin Water team will be leading clinics, including a Women's Skills Clinic and Ride. This event is a great way to meet other riders and improve your riding. Visit the NEMBA website for more details.

Australian 4X Series

While the North American racing season winds down, the Australians and New Zealanders are just starting theirs. The first race of the Australian National 4x Series was held at the Sydney Olympic Park this weekend. Caroline Buchanan won the first race of the year for the Elite Women. Remember, she won a World Cup earlier this year, so she'll definitely be hard to beat.

Elite Women
1. Caroline Buchanan
2. Shannon Jobson
3. Danielle Beecroft
4. Sarsha Huntington
5. Vanessa Thompson

U19 Women
1. Tayla Barnes
2. Emma Tatum

U17 Women
1. Alice Minahan

We found these results on

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just 3 Days Left to Register for the Final Jeep 48Straight Race!

Wednesday is the last day to register for the final Jeep 48Straight dual slalom race, happening on Friday and Saturday in San Luis Obispo, CA. This event is super fun, and if you can race next weekend, you definitely should! Click here to register!

Friday, October 17, 2008

bandana-rama! Photo Contest Winner: Lane's Gangstars

Congratulations to Lane Larsen and her crew for winning the Bandana-rama! Photo Contest. The group gets a $100 gift certificate to Freeride Foundation.
We're still posting Bandana-rama! photos on the site, so if you have a Freeride Foundation bandana, show off your own style and send your photo to

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mongoose Hillbilly Bike Bash

Yes, this is the season that just keeps on giving. Don't hang up your helmets yet, ladies. After you hit the Moab Ho-Down next weekend, keep that Halloween costume handy (the one where you wear the tube top and the Daisy Dukes and well, you get the point) and head out to Vail Lake Resort, CA for the Hillbilly Bike Bash. Visit to see if you can handle the utter redneck-edness of this November 8-9 event. Now go show those toothless boys who knows how to ride a bike.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gravity East Series Finals

The final downhill race of the Gravity East Series was held last weekend at Plattekill, NY. Dawn Bourque took home the win for the Pro/Expert Women. With her win in this double-points race, Dawn takes the series title for the Pro/Expert Women. Lauren Daney took the win in a tight race for the Sport/Beginner series title, and Taylor Allison won the Junior Beginner series title. The race results are below. Visit to view the series standings.

Pro/Expert Women
1. Dawn Bourque
2. Karen Eagan
3. Lauren Petersen
4. Susan DelPino
5. Vicki Koch

Sport/Beginner Women
1. Lauren Daney
2. Kristine Koch
3. Elisa DeGolyer
4. Meredith Mansfield
5. Tammy Allison

Junior Beginner Women
1. Taylor Allison
2. Olivia Allison

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Freeride Foundation's First-Ever Newsletter Emails Friday

The Freeride Foundation Flyer, (or the FFFlyer) will make its debut on Friday, October 17. The Flyer is chock full of goodies like sale announcements, product previews, and some more stuff that I'll come up with later, but that you definitely won't want to miss. This newsletter will be mailed only to current Freeride Foundation customers and account holders who choose to receive it.

If you want to be on that exclusive list, click here and create an account. Be sure you've subscribed to the newsletter! Current customers, now's a great time to log into your account and confirm that you're subscribed as well.

Fluidride Cup Finals

The last race in the Fluidride Cup series actually took place several weeks ago on September 27-28 at Mount Hood, OR. Joy Mutoli represented for the Pro Women's downhill, finishing after a gnarly crash, and she also took the overall series title. Chelsey Stevens won the downhill series for the Expert Women, Cherry Thomas won the Sport Women's downhill series, Yuonne Gillette took the series for the Beginner Women, and Cheyenne Smith won the Junior Beginner Women's series. Chelsey also won the final dual slalom race of the year. Here are the race results. To see the full series standings, visit

Pro Women
1. Joy Mutoli

Expert Women
1. Jaime Rees
2. Chelsey Stevens
3. Cassandra Stomm
4. Brooke Shore

Sport Women
1. Cherry Thomas
2. Ashley Smeltzer
3. Jennifer Tell
4. Jessica Serdowich
5. Corrine Greve
6. Amanda Bauer

Beginner Women
1. Yuonne Gillette
2. Rachel Delateur

Junior Beginner Women
1. Cheyenne Smith
2. Adrianna Moroz

Dual Slalom
Pro/Expert Women
1. Chelsey Stevens

Junior Women
1. Cheyenne Smith

Monday, October 13, 2008

Inside Out Invitational at Ray's

Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, OH is hosting a sweet race Oct. 31-Nov. 2. It starts on the roof and drops inside the park. All the info is below. There's only one class and it's Pro/Am, Men/Women. Ladies, get out there and kick some arse! If you want in, email Jeff Lenosky at

The Inside Out pro invitational is a new and unique event being held in conjunction with the 5th annual grand re-opening celebration at Rays MTB Park in Cleveland, OH on October 31 through November 2nd. Riders will be competing for a $6,000 cash purse on a track consisting of jumps, drops and berms with a target length of approximately 2 minutes.

The course: The track will start on the roof of Ray's and will bring elements of the park outdoors to challenge the riders before blasting into the park for the second half of the race. Once the riders enter the building they will take a race on the expert jump line before finishing on the Gary Fisher pump track.

Qualifying: The field will be limited to 40 athletes and will take place Friday morning and afternoon. Each rider will receive 2 runs to post their fastest time. The top 8 riders advance to the finals.

The top 8 riders advance to the finals that will take place during the grand opening BBQ on Saturday. Each rider will get 2 runs to post their fastest time.

Top 8 qualifiers receive cash prizes: 1st $2000 2nd $1200 3rd $800 4th $600 5th $500 6th $400 7th $300 8th $200

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2009 USA Cycling Gravity Calendar

Well, here we go. USA Cycling posted their 2009 Mountain Bike National Gravity Calendar (MBNC) a few weeks ago. This season's calendar has some major changes from seasons past. There are a few things to consider when you look at this calendar.

First, this calendar represents the select few races that USAC has decided to call theirs. The full Mountain States Cup schedule hasn't been released yet. I've contacted Sho-Air, who is promoting a new version of what was previously the National Mountain Bike Series, about whether or not they'll be including gravity events in their calendar. Their series makes up a good portion of the MBNC-Cross Country, but we have yet to see which, if any, venues will also host gravity events.

The National Championships have been relocated to Sol Vista, CO. This change should be awesome. No one was going to Vermont for the Championships there, so we should see a larger crowd and higher level of competition at Sol Vista. Second, although it's in CO, where half of the MBNC is located, it should be pretty easy for riders from all over the country to get there. And the riding at Sol Vista is so rad, that riders from across the country should want to get there.

You'll also notice that there are no UCI points races currently on the calendar. I wouldn't count UCI options out, though. I've contacted Keith at RPM, to find out whether or not they're still finalizing the UCI races, or if there really won't be any options for gravity racers in 2009 (Snowmass, CO and Angel Fire, NM would be the two possible UCI venues).

Other major changes for 2009 include a super-early first race in Boulder City, NV in February; a 4X race at Crested Butte, CO, which usually does not offer a gated racing event; a 4X race at the National Championships, which usually offers dual slalom at the venue; a downhill race at Nathrop, CO, which has traditionally only offered gated racing; and no overlapping dates, which should allow rabid points chasers to make it to each race on the schedule.

I'm not trying to get all nit-picky on a calendar that I know took a lot of time and effort to put together, but I think it's important to take a good look at the schedule in order to make smart decisions about how we'll all spend our time and money next season. USAC's series points are less important than picking the races that we want to attend and can afford to attend. I'll post updates about the Sho-Air schedule, UCI points, and local series calendars as they emerge.

For now, though, here's your 2009 USAC Mountain Bike National Gravity Calendar:

Feb. 14-15 All Mountain Cyclery Mob 'N Mojave Boulder City, NV DH
May 2-3 MSC Chalk Creek Stampede Nathrop, CO DH, 4X, SD
May 9 Massanutten Yee-Ha! McGaheysville, VA DH
May 23-25 MSC Chile Challenge Angel Fire, NM DH, 4X, SD
June 13-14 MSC Wildflower Rush Crested Butte, CO DH, 4X, SD
June 27-28 MSC Blast the Mass Snowmass, CO DH, 4X, SD
July 16-19 USAC National Championships Sol Vista, CO DH, 4X, SD
Aug. 30 4th Annual Whiteface 5K Downhill Lake Placid, NY DH

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Would JayBay Wear?

We learned a lot during our first summer of business. One of the things that we learned is that no two shorts fit the same. OK, maybe we already knew that, but what we didn't know was how differently each short would fit.

Since you usually can't try things on before you order them, and since we'll be bringing in even more brands and models of shorts and jerseys and gear next year, we decided to take our sizing charts to the next level. In addition to the vendor-supplied sizing charts that are attached to each item, we created a new feature titled What Would JayBay Wear?

I put it all on the line and divulged pretty much every measurement I could think of to help you pick out the proper size for each item on Freeride Foundation. You can compare the size I wear in an item with my measurements, the vendor's sizing chart, and your measurements. Hopefully, this process will let you snag the proper size on your first try. It'll also give you an idea about how large or small a particular product tends to fit. Just look for the What Would JayBay Wear? line in the descriptions to take your sizing comparisons up a notch.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ride SFO Bicycle Expo and Swap

Ride SFO, a San Francisco-based retailer and event promoter is hosting a 2-day Bicycle Expo and Swap from November 29-30, 2008. The event will take place at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. This is an awesome way to get rid of your old bikes and parts, and score some sweet new stuff too!

The swap is set up a bit differently than others you may have attended. In order to sell stuff at the event, you have to purchase booth space. It's priced really reasonably, and you can share a booth with as many of your friends and neighbors as you'd like. There will be bike shops, direct vendors, teams, non-profits, and individuals like you set up at the Cow Palace. If you don't have anything to sell, you can attend the event for $10 per day.

To get more info or to register for a booth, click here to visit

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jeep 48 Straight Update: SLO Registration, The Canyons Airs Sunday!

It's that time again--time to encourage all you ripping ladies to sign up for the Jeep 48Straight dual slalom races later this month. It's the series finale and it's happening in San Luis Obispo, CA. Click here to register. The race is super fun, you'll have a chance to win your fame and fortune, and it's definitely worth the $80 to register!

Also, the race from The Canyons last month will air on Sunday, October 12 on CBS. Be sure to check your local listings and set up the TiVo!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Northstar-at-Tahoe Livewire Classic

Northstar-at-Tahoe, CA hosted their final downhill race of the season on Sunday. The Livewire Classic ran for its second year in a row down its namesake trail. Livewire is a jumpy, flowy trail with a decent share of pedaling. Asa Salas took the win on her home turf in one of the biggest Pro Women's classes of the year at Northstar. The race concluded Northstar's riding season as well. For more information about riding and racing at Northstar, click here.

Pro Women
1. Asa Salas
2. Christine Kelly
3. Tenille Smith
4. Tasa Herndon
5. Robyn Embrey
6. Sebray Gossett
7. Paula Santerior
8. Kelly Moora

Junior Women
1. Lainey Aldridge
2. Cierra Smith

Women 29 & Under
1. Sara Horne

Women 30+
1. Elianne Furtney
2. Lilly Kuchne
3. Colleen Carnathan

Monday, October 6, 2008

Avoiding Gravity Gear Faux Pas

Like tennis and golf, cycling has a rich history that dictates what participants may or may not wear while engaged in the sport. Wear a hoodie on the golf course and you may not get a tee time. Show up to your tennis match in yoga pants and prepare for some ridicule. Similarly, there are subtle, yet real fashion rules that dictate the gravity side of cycling.

To a newcomer, riding bikes is confusing enough, what with all of the pedals and levers and everything. Add in helmets, eyewear, gloves, shoes, and, if she's embarking on a cross country or road career, Spandex, and you have a recipe for fashion disaster. We've all seen it, and most of us fell victim to it before embarrassed friends or fellow riders steered us in the right direction.

Lately, I've noticed that things in the lift-served world are starting to get a bit out of hand. The improper use of gravity gear, mainly as witnessed at Deer Valley (which, ironically, is a place where posh ski attire is essentially required to board the lifts during the winter), really has me worried. Therefore, I am creating a guide to spell out the hows, whys, and why-nots of proper gravity gear usage.

Safety is the first consideration of most gravity gear guidelines. Over the next few weeks, I'll cover the basics from helmets to shoes to give newer riders some background for gravity's seemingly-arbitrary rules, and to give more experienced riders the ammo they need to dig their hopelessly-hindered friends out of their hideously-attired ruts.

In the meantime, get a debriefing at the Jeep 48Straight website, where I answered a few fashion questions for the masses.

Skip to:
Helmets Additional
Upper Body Armor

Diablo Domination Series Finals

The last race of the Diablo Domination downhill series was held on Oct. 5, at Diablo Freeride Park, NJ. Freeride Foundation's current Featured Rider, Karen Eagan, took the win for the Pro Women by about 10 seconds. This final race counted for double points, and Isabel Georgian secured the series win for the Pro Women. Kathleen Herde won the Amatuer Women's series, and Marielle Lueker took the series win for the Intro Women. To see all of the series standings and results, go to

Pro Women
1. Karen Eagan
2. Isabel Georgian
3. Carolyn Lavigne
4. Bonnie Chapman

Amateur Women
1. Lauren Daley
2. Kathleen Herde
3. Stephanie Fritz

Intro Women
1. Marielle Lueker

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kona Gloves and Sports Bras Are in Stock!

We're happy to announce that we have another brand of women's mountain bike clothing on our roster. Freeride Foundation just brought in some sports bras and gloves from Kona.

The sports bras are designed for riding and they're super comfy. I'll work on getting some images of the backs of the bras posted soon. The straps are designed to be comfortable with a pack and/or armor. The XC gloves are lightweight pull-on gloves. The Supreme gloves are super durable and are ideal for downhill and freeride adventures, though they're great for colder-weather cross-country riding too.

We plan to bring in more items from Kona and several other brands throughout the next few months, so be sure to check the website regularly!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Park City Dirt Jump Jam

Join Gale Dahlager and a slew of local and pro dirt jumper at the Park City Dirt Jump Jam on Saturday October 4. The PC dirt jump park is located on Holiday Ranch Loop Road and the festivities start around 11am. There will be raffles and prizes and I think there's supposed to be a BBQ too!

Plattekill Downhill and Dual Slalom #4 Results

A few weeks ago, Plattekill, NY hosted the fourth racing weekend of their series. Susan DelPino represented for the Pro/Expert Women, but it was the juniors who stole the show. The three Junior Beginner Women were the only girls to race both Dual Slalom and Downhill. The next race of the Plattekill series will be held on October 11-12, and doubles as the Gravity East Series finale. Click here to learn more about the racing at Plattekill.

Dual Slalom
Junior Beginner Women
1. Taylor Allison
2. Maddie Crowley
3. Olivia Allison

Pro/Expert Women
1. Susan DelPino

Sport/Beginner Women
1. Erin Davey

Junior Beginner Women
1. Taylor Allison
2. Maddie Crowley
3. Olivia Allison