Friday, October 10, 2008

What Would JayBay Wear?

We learned a lot during our first summer of business. One of the things that we learned is that no two shorts fit the same. OK, maybe we already knew that, but what we didn't know was how differently each short would fit.

Since you usually can't try things on before you order them, and since we'll be bringing in even more brands and models of shorts and jerseys and gear next year, we decided to take our sizing charts to the next level. In addition to the vendor-supplied sizing charts that are attached to each item, we created a new feature titled What Would JayBay Wear?

I put it all on the line and divulged pretty much every measurement I could think of to help you pick out the proper size for each item on Freeride Foundation. You can compare the size I wear in an item with my measurements, the vendor's sizing chart, and your measurements. Hopefully, this process will let you snag the proper size on your first try. It'll also give you an idea about how large or small a particular product tends to fit. Just look for the What Would JayBay Wear? line in the descriptions to take your sizing comparisons up a notch.

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