Monday, October 6, 2008

Avoiding Gravity Gear Faux Pas

Like tennis and golf, cycling has a rich history that dictates what participants may or may not wear while engaged in the sport. Wear a hoodie on the golf course and you may not get a tee time. Show up to your tennis match in yoga pants and prepare for some ridicule. Similarly, there are subtle, yet real fashion rules that dictate the gravity side of cycling.

To a newcomer, riding bikes is confusing enough, what with all of the pedals and levers and everything. Add in helmets, eyewear, gloves, shoes, and, if she's embarking on a cross country or road career, Spandex, and you have a recipe for fashion disaster. We've all seen it, and most of us fell victim to it before embarrassed friends or fellow riders steered us in the right direction.

Lately, I've noticed that things in the lift-served world are starting to get a bit out of hand. The improper use of gravity gear, mainly as witnessed at Deer Valley (which, ironically, is a place where posh ski attire is essentially required to board the lifts during the winter), really has me worried. Therefore, I am creating a guide to spell out the hows, whys, and why-nots of proper gravity gear usage.

Safety is the first consideration of most gravity gear guidelines. Over the next few weeks, I'll cover the basics from helmets to shoes to give newer riders some background for gravity's seemingly-arbitrary rules, and to give more experienced riders the ammo they need to dig their hopelessly-hindered friends out of their hideously-attired ruts.

In the meantime, get a debriefing at the Jeep 48Straight website, where I answered a few fashion questions for the masses.

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Martha Hucker said...

Hey, thought you may want to know - it's faux pas, not faux paux (or faux pax as 48straight put it).

Loving the site though. I've linked to it on mine, hope that's cool. Any plans for international shipping?

Freeride Foundation said...

Oooh! Good eye. Thanks! I'm glad someone's actually paying attention.
Thanks for linking to us. What's your site?
We're currently in the process of expanding our shipping from the US and Canada to overseas as well. Hopefully we'll have international shipping ready by the middle of November!
Thanks for the feedback!