Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fluidride Cup Finals

The last race in the Fluidride Cup series actually took place several weeks ago on September 27-28 at Mount Hood, OR. Joy Mutoli represented for the Pro Women's downhill, finishing after a gnarly crash, and she also took the overall series title. Chelsey Stevens won the downhill series for the Expert Women, Cherry Thomas won the Sport Women's downhill series, Yuonne Gillette took the series for the Beginner Women, and Cheyenne Smith won the Junior Beginner Women's series. Chelsey also won the final dual slalom race of the year. Here are the race results. To see the full series standings, visit SkiBowl.com.

Pro Women
1. Joy Mutoli

Expert Women
1. Jaime Rees
2. Chelsey Stevens
3. Cassandra Stomm
4. Brooke Shore

Sport Women
1. Cherry Thomas
2. Ashley Smeltzer
3. Jennifer Tell
4. Jessica Serdowich
5. Corrine Greve
6. Amanda Bauer

Beginner Women
1. Yuonne Gillette
2. Rachel Delateur

Junior Beginner Women
1. Cheyenne Smith
2. Adrianna Moroz

Dual Slalom
Pro/Expert Women
1. Chelsey Stevens

Junior Women
1. Cheyenne Smith

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