Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tracy Moseley Bests Rachel Atherton in Canberra

Tracy Moseley powered her way through a mucky course to take the win at the Canberra, AUS World Cup downhill. She won both the qualifying and final runs over Rachel and Sabrina Jonnier, who took third overall. Rachel holds onto her UCI downhill points lead.

1. Tracy Moseley
2. Rachel Atherton
3. Sabrina Jonnier
4. Fionn Griffiths
5. Emmeline Ragot
6. Sheryl MacLeod
7. Mio Suemasa
8. Helen Gaskell
9. Floriane Pugin
10. Anita Molcik
11. Scarlett Hagen
12. Diana Marggraff
13. Caroline Buchanan
14. Helene Valerie Fruhwirth
15. Claire Whiteman
16. Leigh Douglas
17. Cara Smith
18. Amy Laird
19. Joanne Fox

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