Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Vote for Bacon

I've been holding out on this Blog post for a while. The Santa Cruz Hell Ride isn't a downhill event or a freeride comp. It's a freaking cross country pain fest where the the first guy and first girl riders that actually finish may each win a Nomad. It's a pretty silly thing to do, but sure enough, a hell of a lot of people signed up for the gnar. This year, contestants had to create their own videos and post them on YouTube, then encourage people to vote them into the top four finalists who would "get" to do the Hell Ride.

The ride is over, but one video still brings me daily joy, and it's Kristin Butcher's. You may recognize her from her last gig as a member of the IMBA Trail Care Crew. Now she's writing freelance and still cracking me up. Check out her sweet clip:

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cerebral scribbles said... dear lord...I just got my core workout done laughing so hard!!! That was awesome!