Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jeep King of the Mountain Results from Diablo

I was going to leave you all in suspense about the winners of the Jeep King of the Mountain dual slalom races held this weekend at Diablo Freeride Park, NJ. But I'll be nice and post the results before you have a chance to see all of the action on TV. Kathy Pruitt bested Melissa Buhl for the win and a pocketful of cash! This event will air in September, and the next event in the series takes place at the end of September at The Canyons, UT.

1. Kathy Pruitt
2. Melissa Buhl
3. Lisa Myklak
4. Stephanie Nychka
5. Dawn Borque
6. Allie Burch
7. Karen Eagan
8. Fionn Griffiths

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