Friday, August 8, 2008

Introducing Allie and Danice

Tired of monotonous results postings and my random babbling? Me too. Luckily, two more riding writers are ready to write even radder ramblings for you to read. Alright, I was trying to figure out a way to work Bob Loblaw's Law Blog into this post, and that's the best I could do. See? We need more talent up in here.

Allie Burch and Danice Uyesugi are joining me to contribute to Freeride Foundation's Blog. They'll be able to provide more entertaining and insightful content about women's downhill and freeride topics, concerns, and lifestyle than I ever could. As you'll find out, they're ripping pro riders and extremely smart cookies.

Allie is Freeride Foundation's true foundation. She worked endless hours last winter to get the site up and running, and she's still engineering sweet features to make your shopping experience more pleasant. She's also the force behind the Velo Bella gravity team. Her beagle's name is Webber. Allie recently moved to New York state, where she's currently killing her East Coast downhill competition. One of the biggest highlights of Allie's summer was pinning it to a 5th place finish at the US National Downhill Championships, which allowed her to finally nab enough UCI points to race a World Cup. More on that later. Allie posts as "cerebral scribbles".

Danice is one of Canada's rising stars. She just started racing last year, but has already compiled an incredible resume. This season, she went to the World Championships and took 15th. Then she attended her first World Cup and bumped up to a 12th place finish at Mount-Sainte-Anne and followed that up with an 11th at Bromont. In a year when only 20 girls qualify for the finals and each course has been ravaged by rain and messy conditions, Danice is already riding like a seasoned World Cup pro. In real life, she's an ER nurse in North Vancouver, and she also contributes frequently to Danice posts as "dancie".

If you have Blog-worthy content for Freeride Foundation, drop me a line or two at!

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