Saturday, July 19, 2008

US National Championships Am. Downhill Results

Lainey Aldridge, Kelly Moore, Amanda Pilling, and Vicki Koch each earned a US Downhill National Championship jersey in their respective Expert Women's age groups today. In Sport Women, Lauren Daney and Kristine Koch each took the titles in their age groups. Beginner Women's winners were Amanda Doughty, Melissa Moran, and Taylor Allison. Yes, what you see below are the entire finishing fields.

Jr. Expert Women
1. Lainey Aldridge

Expert Women 19-24
1. Kelly Moore

Expert Women
1. Amanda Pilling
2. Joy Martin

Expert Women 40-49
1. Vicki Koch
2. Kathleen Herde

Jr. Sport Women 15-18
1. Lauren Daney

Sport Women 19-29
1. Kristine Koch
2. Kasey Sibrinsz

Beginner Women 19-29
1. Amanda Doughty

Beginner Women 30-39
1. Melissa Moran

Junior Women 11-12
1. Taylor Allison

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Anonymous said...

all have won and all shall have prizes!