Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ladies, the Jeep King of the Mountain Series Needs You!

I just received an email from Lisa Myklak about the 48 Straight Jeep King of the Mountain Series. Apparently, there are very few girls registered for the Diablo Freeride Park event August 21-23 in New Jersey.
-The Jeep King of the Mountain races are open to any pro who races downhill or slalom.
-The event and series will be televised on CBS.
-It costs just $80 to register, and the prize purse goes 8 deep.
-First takes home $5000, 8th place gets $500.
That's right. I can't think can't think of any bigger incentive to sign up.
Oh, wait, there is one more thing: a carpooling road trip from the west to NJ. Lisa is attempting to coordinate a carpooling van to take a crew of ladies out to the race. And there may be some discounted lodging opportunities at Diablo too.
Stoked to go? Email me at info@freeridefoundation.com and I'll get you in touch with Lisa.
Get signed up by clicking here: https://www.sportsbaseonline.com/Item.aspx?item_id=2583

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