Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gravity East Series Race #4 Results

Plattekill Mountain, NY hosted the fourth downhill race in the Gravity East Series on Sunday. Dawn Bourque took her second GES Pro downhill win of the season. The second race of New York's Dual Slalom State Championship Series was held on Saturday, and Isabel Georgian took the Pro win.

Pro/Expert Women
1. Dawn Bourque
2. Allegra Burch A
3. Isabel Georgian
4. Alicia Hamilton
5. Karen Eagan
6. Vicki Koch

Sport/Beginner Women
1. Lauren Daney
2. Kristine Koch
3. Marielle Lueker
4. Amy Somers

Junior Beginner Women
1. Taylor Allison
2. Greer Sargeant

Dual Slalom
Pro/Expert Women
1. Isabelle Georgian
2. Karen Eagan
3. Vicki Koch

Beginner/Sport Women
1. Kristine Koch
2. Amy Somers

Junior Women
1 Maddie Crowley
2 Taylor Allison
3 Olivia Allison

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