Friday, July 18, 2008

Results from the Third Fluidride Cup

The third event in the Fluidride Cup series was held last weekend at Mt. Hood, OR. There was no dual slalom due to the snowpack, but the downhill track was good to go. Joy Mutoli represented for the pro women. Once again, the Pacific Northwest sport women's field showed impressive numbers at this race.

Pro Women
1. Joy Mutoli

Expert Women
1. Dawn Lambert
2. Chelsey Stevens
3. Shelby Reilly
4. Brook Shore

Sport Women
1. Summer Northern
2. Cherry Thomas
3. Jessica Serdowich
4. Lisa Ness
5. Ashley Smeltzer
6. Janice Danley
7. Leslie Simpson
8. Susan Himes

Sport Women 18 & Under
1. Ashley Densmore

Beginner Women
1. Corinne Greve

Beginner Women 18 & Under
1. Cheyenne Smith
2. Brittany Bell
3. Nicole Juntunen

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