Monday, July 28, 2008

New Sombrio Products in Stock

We've just added three new 2008 Sombrio pieces to the Freeride Foundation catalog. The Sombrio Drift shorts, La Nina knickers, and the Tyax hoodie are all super cute products that we're totally stoked on.
The Sombrio Drift shorts are pretty much the awesome-est downhill shorts I've ever worn. They directly match the Lofter Jersey, and they're so comfy that I'd wear them all day if I could. Seriously. Waterproof vent and pocket zippers, a unique waterproof zip and snap fly closure, and stretchy shell material are just the beginning of the incredible list of the Drift's features.
The Sombrio La Nina knickers are shorts that hit just below the knees. The La Nina fits a bit snugger than other Sombrio options, and they're sweet stretchy shorts for freeride fun and autumn riding. You can wear these with a chamois, but probably not with armor.
The Sombrio Tyax hoodie is an adorable and toasty top that delivers pre- and post-ride style and warmth.

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