Tuesday, July 22, 2008

British National Downhill Championships

'Tis the month of National Championships. The British Downhill National Championships were held last weekend at Bala, North Wales. Tracy Moseley took the title over Helen Gaskell. Rachel Atherton was in contention for the win, but nailed a tree in practice and was carried off the course. Apparently she appeared later at the venue in one piece, but on crutches. Tracy now holds 5 British National Downhill Championship titles.

Pro Women
1. Tracy Moseley
2. Helen Gaskell
3. Katy Curd
4. Emily Horridge
5. Sarh Newman
6. Calamity Jayne
7. Haby Blu Cann
8. Sue Mahony

Senior Women
1. Emma Wareham
2. Harriet Latchem

Junior Women
1. Jessica Stone
2. Monet Adams
3. Bex Reilly

Master Women
1. Kate Betts

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