Wednesday, July 16, 2008

East Coast National Results

The fifth race in the National Mountain Bike Series took place at Windham Mountain Resort, NY this weekend. Joanna Petterson took her second NMBS downhill win in a row. She bested Amy Laird, who was the top qualifier. Joanna also took the dual slalom win, but had no competitors. Eh-hem, ladies.
Joanna moves into third in the overall downhill standings behind Darian Harvey (1st) and Melissa Buhl (2nd). For the dual slalom and mountaincross standings, Melissa maintains her lead, while Joanna moves into second place and bumps Darian Harvey into third.
Yes, this is all of the women's results from Windham.

Pro Women
1. Joanna Petterson
2. Amy Laird
3. Alexis Wruble
4. Allegra Burch
5. Lauren Petersen
6. Kathi Krause
7. Alicia Hamilton

Beginner Women 19-29
1. Gaelle Hudson

Dual Slalom
Pro Women
1. Joanna Petterson

Open Women
1. Rebecca Bagley
2. Molly Seal

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