Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Women's "Downhill" Ride at Big Bear

I use the term "downhill" loosely here, because there are major restrictions on what kind of bike you can put on a lift at Big Bear, CA. However, Amy Cone is organizing a more-gravity-than-xc women's ride at the resort on October 4, 2008. Here's the schpeel:

Womens Light DH Group Ride

October 4th, 2008
Snow Summit in Big Bear, CA
Will be meeting at 9am in the open area between the chair lift and front building.
Lift tickets are $20 for an all day pass. $10 for just one run.

Chair lift has restrictions on bike components. They are as follows:

1. Bikes must be less than 35 pounds.
2. Designated tire size must be less than 2.5.
3. Front shock must have less than 6 inches of travel.
4. Bikes must have three chain rings unless they are single speed.

Lunch will be up to you. We will eat as a group at the top and you can either eat at the restaurant or pack your own.

Wear whatever gear you feel comfortable wearing. Don't hesitate to fully gear up or go naked (figure of speech).

There is a possibility that the lift will close by then. It is only open weekends after labor day and at the first sight of freezing/snow they close it down to prepare for winter. If you express your interest in this ride I WILL keep you fully updated.
Please contact Amy Cone for more information or to RSVP: lil__missy@hotmail.com

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