Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oredigger Challenge Results

Collegiate cycling is awesome. It's gotten even more sweet over the years as disciplines like downhill and dual slalom have become more common. Back when I was racing collegiate, downhill races were rare--but then, the bicycle had only recently been invented. The rad thing about the Colorado School of Mines Oredigger Challenge, which was held last weekend, was not only that they held the downhill at Sol Vista, CO (a real resort!), but that they also included Collegiate and Open categories of competition. Several students raced both races. Meanwhile, in the spirit of team points, several downhillers made impressive cross country showings too. Sage Wilderman won the Collegiate A downhill race, and then took second in the Collegiate A cross country.

Collegiate Downhill
A Women
1. Sage Wilderman
2. Soraya Khalje
3. Emma Millar
4. Eszter Horanyi
5. Naticia Slusher
6. Abigail Carroll
7. Sarah Altschuler
8. Melissa Marts

B Women
1. Kylie Kroneberger
2. Brittany Engleking
3. Sarah Robers
4. Courtney Steen

Women's Open
1. Jessica Vogt
2. Soraya Khalje
3. Kristin Buell
4. Sarah Roberts
5. Courtney Steen

To view the full results and to see who rides for which school, visit CSM Cyling.

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