Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rachel Bauer Wins Mountain States Cup Final

Rachel Bauer won the Sol Squared G3 event at Sol Vista, CO this weekend, which also secured her overall points win in the Mountain States Cup series. The G3 consisted of two downhill races and a Super D. The person with the lowest combined time for all three events is the winner. Rachel attended all but one of the MSC races, and she competed in all of the gravity disciplines--downhill, dual slalom, mountaincross, and G3--to take the series title. Neven Steinmetz took second in the series. To see the entire list of series rankings, visit RaceMSC.com.

G3 Pro Women
1. Rachel Bauer
2. Jacqueline Harmony
3. Sage Wilderman
4. Abigail Hippely
5. Neven Steinmetz
6. Jessica Vogt

G3 Expert Women
1. Christen Boyer

G3 Sport Women
1. Jennifer Johnson

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