Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Happened in Vegas

For just this once, what happened in Vegas should definitely not stay there. I saw some awesome goodies at Interbike that I'm really excited to bring onto Freeride Foundation in 2009. It seems like the industry is finally catching on to the fact that gravity girls are craving fun, fashionable riding clothes. And don't worry, nothing's been shrinked and pinked--we're talking purples, citrons, prints, and plaids.

It's also exciting to see that many companies are starting to cater specificially to freeride girls. Kona and Norco each have a women's-specific freeride bike in their 2009 line-up, proving that women freeriders are really starting to make an impact on the industry. 5.10 has a sick women's shoe coming out that'll definitely fit even the smallest freeride feet. It's all been a long time coming, but I'm definitely happy to be able to bring you the latest and greatest in clothing and gear next season. Stay tuned--some of it will arrive sooner than later!

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