Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fluidride Cup #5 Results

The fifth downhill race in the Fluidride Cup series was held at Mt. Hood, OR last weekend. Joy Mutoli represented for the Pro Women, and once again, the Sport Women came out in force. Joy, Dawn Lambert, and Cherry Thomas are each leading their respective classes in the points race. The final race of the series will be held September 27-28 at Mt. Hood, OR.

Pro Women
1. Joy Mutoli

Expert Women
1. Dawn Lambert
2. Jaime Rees
3. Chelsey Stevens

Sport Women
1. Cherry Thomas
2. Ashley Smeltzer
3. Jennifer Tell
4. Hailey Olson
5. Summer Northern
6. Corrine Grene
7. Amanda Bauer
8. Leslie Simpson

Beginner Women
1. Yvonne Gillett

Junior Beginner Women
1. Cheyenne Smith
2. Andrianna Moroz

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