Friday, December 19, 2008

Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

Pro procrastinators can put off ordering until Monday, December 22 up to 3pm MST, choose Express Shipping, and still get their gifts in time for Christmas! Not that we recommend walking that fine line, but if you're so pro that you're planning on procrastinating, there's still hope for you!

In addition to our Gravity Girls' Gift Guide, other smart gifts include The Way Bobby Sees It DVD, a Freeride Foundation Gift Certificate, and the 2009 Sea Otter Road Trip. You can order the Gift Certificate or Road Trip at the very last minute, because both gifts are emailed to the recipient.

Don't procrastinate beyond the 25th, though. The awesome deals found in the Gravity Girls' Gift Guide will disappear after Christmas Day!

Confused about sizes, colors, or which gift to choose? Give us a call (801.647.9167) and we'll help you out!

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