Monday, December 1, 2008

Australian National Series #2 Results

The downhill and 4x crew came together in Illinbah, Australia this weekend for the second stop of the Australian National Series. Claire Buchar has moved her winter training from SoCal to Down Under, and took the downhill win in super muddy conditions. Caroline Buchanan continues to rule 4x, taking her second win in the series.

Elite Women
1. Claire Buchar
2. Leigh Douglas
3. Caroline Buchanan
4. Claire Whiteman
5. Sarah Booth
6. Cara Smith
7. Emma Lewis
8. Shannon Chugg
9. Jayne Rutter
10. Samantha Gambrill
11. Leonie Picton

Women Under 19
1. Emily Hockey
2. Danielle Beecroft
3. Bec Kirss
4. Jaz Rosa

Elite Women
1. Caroline Buchanan
2. Sarsha Huntington
3. Kylie Maduna
4. Cherie Simpson
5. Tanya Bailey
6. Vanessa Thompson
7. Danielle Beecroft
8. Shannon Jobson

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