Friday, December 26, 2008

Enter Our Winter Training Video Contest!

You're done with school, have a few days off of work, are snowed in, or are rained out. What are you going to do? Train! And do it for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Freeride Foundation. Take that new digi-cam you just unwrapped and turn Granny's basement into your personal gym. Whether you get to ride all year, have to put the bike away in September, or turn into a compulsive gym rat as soon as Daylight Savings kills your post-work ride, we want to see how you're getting ready for 2009. Yes, you can literally bring the New Year in with a bang. Oh, and don't worry, we won't steal your workouts--we promise. Really.

The Details:
-Create a 2-3 minute video documenting your winter training regimen.
-Upload it to YouTube, think of a catchy title, and be sure to include " Training Secrets Video Contest" somewhere in the video's description.
-Then email the link to your video, your name, and your email and/or phone number to

Blog visitors will vote on the videos to determine the winner of the contest. Voting on the Blog will begin on Friday, December 26 and run through Thursday, January 8.

Video links can be submitted any time through January 8, but getting your entry in early will help you accumulate more votes!

-We will not post videos longer than 3 minutes, but if you can make us spew coffee on our keyboards in under 2 minutes, by all means go for it!
-Include your friends and family--you'll be able to divvy up the gift certificate if you win.
-Also, please keep all videos PG/PG-13.
-Anyone can enter, anyone can vote.

Here's our first entry, submitted through

Think you can do better? Let's see it!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That is good!

Anonymous said...

I don't need to see any more videos! She's got my vote. Anyone who showers and goes to bed with there bike is way more hardcore than I could ever be! I think this competition is over. You go girl!