Monday, December 15, 2008

Gravity Gifts for Girls: Fox Safety First! and Casual Monday Gift Packs

Are you gift shopping for your BFF (Best Freeride Friend)? Maybe you're sending subtle hints to your significant other about which goodies you really, really, really want? Or perhaps you're that significant other and you're desperately looking for the perfect gift? What really matters is that you've come to the right place.

We've created two final Gravity Gift Packs to make last-minute shopping easy and painless. Be sure to choose Express Shipping to guarantee delivery by the 25th!

The first new package is the Fox Safety First! Gift Pack. Save almost $15 on the Fox Launch Elbow Pads combined with either the Fox Launch Knee/Shin Guards or the Fox Launch Shorty Pads. This package works for guys too, and can only ship to US locations.

The second new package is the Casual Monday Gift Pack. It includes the Nema Brite t-shirt and the Fox Mo Ichi Do Wallet at a price that will let you kick back and relax. This package can only ship to US locations.

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