Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Luck, Allie!

One half of the Freeride Foundation duo now resides on the East Coast. Allie Burch left Novato, CA last week for New York state, a real house, and whole lot of boxes to unpack. Watch for our ripping Velo Bella at Diablo Freeride Park and all of the other fun places to ride out there! Good luck on the other side, Allie!


cerebral scribbles said...

Thank you so much! (I'm gettin' a little teary-eyed reading the well-wishes)

A small piece of advice, NEVER accept delivery of your household goods after 10pm. YIKE!

JakeB said...

Allie ripped it at the Diablo Domination Series race #2 yesterday.

Finished Pro #1!!!

Congratulations Allie!