Wednesday, May 28, 2008

US Open of Mountain Biking Results

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Diablo Freeride Park hosted the 2008 US Open of Mountain Biking. A tough course with high-speed sections and gnarly rock gardens saw some rain before the race, and conditions had dried a bit for the riders' final runs. Kathy Pruitt had the fastest qualifying time, but Fionn Griffiths bested her by 3 seconds in the final for the pro women's win. Fionn also won the pro women's dual slalom win over Pruitt.

Pro Women
1. Fionn Griffiths
2. Kathy Pruitt
3. Joanna Petterson
4. Marie-Eve Marcotte
5. Dawn Bourque
6. Katrina Strand
7. Alexis Wruble
8. Katie Holden

Amateur Women
1. Stephanie Gubernat
2. Isabel Georgian
3. Vicki Koch
4. Heather Brennan
5. Rosy Metcalfe
6. Kristine Koch
7. Annmarie Wheeler
8. Trish Bears
9. Jessica Hoeverman
10. Amanda Pilling
11. Meredith Mansfield

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