Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Thaw Results

Ashland, Oregon's Spring Thaw downhill race is one of those gems you find just off the beaten path. I'd never heard of the Spring Thaw until a few months ago and I was worried about the fact that all of our pro cross country friends were excited about racing the downhill.

The course is fast enough in sections to warrant a big bike, but it's so pedally in other places that a small bike makes sense too. I rode my Glory, and Sara Johnson and Katie Holden showed up on their big rigs. Bend local Anka Martin, who just finished crushing the competition at the Cape Epic, brought her trail bike and schooled us all.

The race is definitely one to put on your list. It's 100% singletrack in the woods with tight turns, fun pumpy sections, and a high speed freeway section. The Southern Oregon Mountain Bike Association gives everyone a free lunch with their entries, and there's a happy community feel in the pits. Oh, and Ashland itself is pretty sweet--if you're a fan of bikes, snow, and Shakespeare (which I am).

Pro Women
1. Anka Martin
2. Jackie Baker
3. Katie Holden
4. Sara Johnson
5. Mariska Chuse
6. Laura Johnson
7. Carrie Barton

Expert Women
1. Sandra Ross

Sport Women 19-29
1. Sabine Steichele
2. Leslie Simpson
3.Jen Schenk
4. Erica Roberts

Sport Women 30+
1. Therese Conner
2. Kerry Howe
3. Melissa Boyd

Beginner Women 19-29
1. Gretchen Sylvestre

Beginner Women 30+
1. Elena Ferch
2. Stephanie Rouse

We found our results on www.somba.org. For information about riding in and near Ashland, visit Ashland Mountain Adventures.

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