Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now That's a Long Drive

I just got back to Marin, CA from New Mexico. Ouch. That's a long one. And monotonous. What was not monotonous was the weather at the Angel Fire Chile Challenge this weekend. With dry-ish conditions on Thursday, sloppy muck on Friday, frozen mud on Saturday, nearly dry conditions on Sunday, and a dry and balmy Monday, the mountain kept us on our toes. The relentlessly rocky course only had a few high speed sections, and those were nearly as tough to hang on through as the bumpy stuff at the top of the course.

Melissa Buhl walked away with the Pro Women's downhill win. And she won the UCI mountaincross race on Saturday, as well as the National Championship mountaincross jersey on Sunday. Except for the National Championship race, the Chile Challenge races counted toward the National Mountain Bike Series, the USA Cycling Gravity Calendar, and the Mountain States Cup series. Jessica Vogt now leads the MSC series, Melissa will maintain her lead in the NMBS.

Pro Women
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Lisa Myklak
3. Abigail Hippely
4. Jacqueline Harmony
5. Darian Harvey
6. Rachel Bauer
7. Addie Stewart
8. Wendy Reynolds
9. Stephanie Hatalsky
10. Mariska Chuse
11. Sondra Williamson
12. Michelle Rivera
13. Allegra Burch
14. Lisa Reinhard
15. Connie Misket
16. Kimber Gabryszak
17. Jackie Baker
18. Jessica Vogt

Expert Women
1. Jennifer Wolf
2. Erika Joehnck
3. Amy Scherm
4. Christen Boyer
5. Sage Wilderman
6. Lainey Aldridge
7. Nancy Harris
8. Soraya Khalje

Beginner/Jr. Women
1. Danielle Shewmake
2. Katy Monger

UCI Mountaincross
Pro/Expert Women
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Jessica Vogt
3. Neven Steinmetz
4. Stephanie Hatalsky
5. Rachel Bauer
6. Darian Harvey
7. Nadia Steinbrecher
8. Lainey Aldridge
9. Soraya Khalje
10. Christen Boyer

Sport/Beginner Women
1. Janna Renfro
2. Jennifer Johnson

USA Cycling Mountaincross National Championship
Pro Women
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Neven Steinmetz
3. Jessica Vogt
4. Sondra Williamson
5. Jackie Baker

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