Friday, April 17, 2009

Sea Otter Super D Results

Yes, I know. The Sea Otter Super D is the least Super D-ish of all Super Ds. But without posting the results here, I wouldn't be able to revisit a post I wrote last year. (Click here to do the revisiting).

See, the Super D start has gotten more out of hand than even I could have anticipated. In's coverage of the race, they state: "Racers started kneeling, facing away from their bikes with their heads to the ground. Upon the official start, they turned around, ran for their up-side-down bikes and righted them before taking off."

I dearly hope that we will be graced with photos of this start soon. I mean, after months of training and likely no less than a $60 entry fee, you find yourself on the start line on your knees with your head in the dirt? Do race organizers really hate athletes that much? Considering the Sea Otter race involves no singletrack, is it really necessary to devise ridiculous ways to reduce startline congestion?

I know, I wasn't even in the state of California when the race took place. Who am I to comment? Maybe it was the awesomest start ever. Clearly, in the Pro Women's race, the winner was determined by atheticism and smart racing tactics, and the fastest riders emerged on top. But would it have been so different with normal, dignified start? The world will never know.

Pro Women
1. Kelli Emmet
2. Mary-Ellen Ash
3. Rachel Lloyd
4. Wendy Simms
5. Maureen Kunz
6. Jamie Stamps
7. Anina Aaron
8. Shannon Holden
9. Rebecca Rusch
10. Philicia Marion
11. Rachel Throop

18 & Under Women
1. Cayley Brooks
2. Kjersten Lone
3. Christine Weir
4. Nicole Rehder
5. Kristin Brooks

19-29 Women
1. Karla Kingsley
2. Lisa Crowe
3. Vanessa Humic
4. Sarah Land
5. Jennifer Jordan

30+ Women
1. Sharon Hill
2. Kathleen Bortolussi
3. Megan Cordes
4. Shannon Mathis
5. Laura Knight
6. Cindy McFarland
7. Monica Zorrila
8. Dede Cowden
9. Lise McCarthy
10. Cheryl Ekstrom

We found our results on and

Edit: Sabine Dukes pointed me to this video clip on Eek! :

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