Friday, April 10, 2009

First Fluidride Cup Results

The first round of the northwest's Fluidride Cup were held last weekend in Port Angeles, WA. This series continues to see an impressive number of women race in all categories. The pro women's field was a who's who of northwest gravity racing, providing a very competitive field. Canada's Miranda Miller took the win over Katie Holden. The next race in the series will be held in Port Angeles on May 1-3. For more information about the Fluidride Cup races, visit

Pro Women
1. Miranda Miller
2. Katie Holden
3. Danice Uyesugi
4. Katrina Strand
5. Leana Gerrard
6. Joy Mutoli

Expert (Cat 1) Women
1. Chelsey Stevens
2. Cassandra Stamm
3. Angi Weston
4. Carolyn Hope
5. Cherry Thomas

Sport (Cat 2) Women
1. Jen Schenk
2. Kim Peterson
3. Lisa Ness
4. Jessica Serdowich
5. Ellen Ruotsala
6. Hailey Soukkoth
7. Amanda Markell
8. Yvonne Gillette
9. Ashley Smelter

Open Beginner (Cat 3) Women
1. Ann Davis
2. Shelley LeCuyen

Beginner (Cat 3) Women 18 and Under
1. Paige Norman
2. Adrianna Moroz
3. Cheyenne Smith

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