Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sea Otter Dual Slalom Pro Results

The pro women's field was full of talent, with a star-studded top 16 at this year's Sea Otter dual slalom. Melissa Buhl edged out Jill Kintner on her first run, and managed to hold on for the win, even after suffering a mechanical in her second run.

1. Melissa Buhl
2. Jill Kintner
3. Kathy Pruitt
4. Mio Suemasa
5. Claire Buchar
6. Sondra Williamson
7. Darian Harvey
8. Joy Martin
9. Lisa Myklak
10. Katie Holden
11. Eva Castro
12. Leslie Slagle
13. Lainey Aldridge
14. Jessica Vogt
15. Neven Steinmetz
16. Leana Gerrard

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