Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CCCX Update

The final race of the CCCX winter downhill series took place January 31st. Kathy Pruitt took the win for the pro women at the race, and Karen Hanzi won the overall series. The spring series was supposed to start on March 7, but the race was postponed due to poor weather. The next race is scheduled for March 20, 2010 at Toro Park, CA. For more information about CCCX, visit

Pro Women
1. Kathy Pruitt
2. Karen Hanzi
3. Rosie Bernhard
4. Heather McFadden

Expert Women
1. Kelsey Anderson
2. Mollie Sitkin
3. Kelly Johnson
4. AnneMarie Hennes
5. Amy Forwand
6. Kelley Damschen
7. Ashley Hernandez

Sport Women
1. Mary Moncorge
2. Tina Wilson
3. Aysche Tuncer
4. Jill Henrich
5. Kirstie Douglass
6. Natalie Morris

Beginner Women
1. Jessica Spray
2. Melanie McGuire
3. Ruby Tidd
4. Andrea Locke

Series Winners
Pro Women: Karen Hanzi
Expert Women: Kelly Johnson
Sport Women: Jill Henrich
Beginner Women: Andrea Locke

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