Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Mob 'n Mojave Results

The 2010 Mob 'n Mojave downhill race was held Feb. 13-14 at Bootleg Canyon, NV. Melissa Buhl took the win in the best-of-two-run race format. The next race at Bootleg is March 19-20, which is the St. Patty's Day Feast. For more information, visit

Pro Women
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Jacqueline Harmony
3. Christine Hirst
4. Tasa Herndon
5. Linden Lane
6. Joy Martin
7. Ana Rodriguez
8. Margaret Gregory

Open Women
1. Amy Forwand
2. Megan Applegate

Open Women 40+
1. Carmen Bastek
2. Nancy Harris
3. Kathleen Kingma

Dual Slalom
1. Jacqueline Harmony

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