Thursday, March 25, 2010

CCCX 2010 Downhill #1

The first CCCX downhill race of the 2010 spring season was held at Toro Park, CA on March 20. Rosie Bernhard took her first pro win of her career, and was also the only girl to break four minutes on the course. The next CCCX race will be held April 11. For more information, visit

Pro Women
1. Rosie Bernhard
2. Lia Lajoie

Expert Women
1. Cathy Chevron
2. Kelly Johnson
3. Mary Moncorge
4. Ayshe Tuncer
5. Jill Henrich
6. Ashley Hernandez

Sport Women
1. Jessica Spray
2. Shiloh Ballard
3. Courtney Rosiak

Beginner Women
1. Mary Pralinsky
2. Ruby Tidd
3. Katy Jossy

Jr. Girls
1. Faith Siebe

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