Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Zealand National Championship Results

Can you tell that it's officially become cycling season? There is so much going on right now! New Zealand's National Championships were held in Nelson last weekend. Although she took 4th overall, Harriet Harper was the top-ranking rider from New Zealand for the Elite Women. She takes the title of New Zealand's National Downhill Champion. Amy Laird took the title in dual slalom. New Zealand runs a 4x a their national championships, but it seems that there was only a class for Elite Men.

Elite Women
1. Emmeline Ragot
2. Sabrina Jonnier
3. Harriet Ruecknagel
4. Harriet Harper
5. Amy Laird
6. Gabrielle Molloy
7. Katrina Strand
8. Dawn Daley-Coers
9. Rita Langley

Open Women
1. Georgia Wight
2. Sophie Tyas
3. Veronique Sandler
4. Madeline Taylor
5. Amanda Pearce
6. Sarah Atkin

Dual Slalom
Senior Women
1. Sabrina Jonnier
2. Amy Laird
3. Harriet Harper
4. Katrina Strand

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