Saturday, March 7, 2009

Australian National Downhill Series Finals

The final race of the Australian National Downhill Series was held last weekend at Glenorchy MTB Park in Tasmania. Leigh Douglas took the downhill win and clinched the overall series title. Sarsha Huntington took win in 4X.

Elite Women
1. Leigh Douglas
2. Emma Lewis
3. Claire Whiteman
4. Cara Smith
5. Leoni Picton
6. Sara Booth
7. Jayne Rutter
8. Rebecca Foxen

Under 19 Women
1. Jasmin Rosa
2. Emily Hockey

Under 17 Women
1. Katelyn Humphris
2. Christie Batt

Elite Women
1. Sarsha Huntington
2. Cherie Simpson
3. Julia Boer
4. Vanessa Thompson
5. Jayne Rutter

Under 19 Women
1. Emily Hockey
2. Katelyn Humphris
3. Jasmin Rosa
4. Emma Vejvoda

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