Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crankworx WomenzWorx Results

The Crankworx WomenzWorx contest was held yesterday in Whistler, BC. There were two separate competitions at the WomenzWorx. There was an invite-only slopestyle contest, the Gala. In addition, there was a separate 4-run, 2-section judged component. Riders descended a technical section of trail, and they also rode a slopestyle-type jump run on Dirt Merchant. Stephanie Nychka and Claire Buchar shared the victory by tying in the Gala Slopestyle contest. Claire Buchar took the overall win for the two judged riding sections.

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Pro Women
1. Claire Buchar
2. Lorraine Blancher
3. Kathy Pruitt
4. Leigh Donovan
5. Anne Laplante
6. Stephanie Nychka
7. Manon Carpenter
8. Kristen Smart
9. Kathryn Hayes
10. Lynne Aitchison
11. Beth Parsons
12. Dawn Cashen

Open Women
1. Jamie Hill Pemberton
2. Lisa Mason
3. Rachelle Frazer
4. Johanna Weintrager
5. Savannah Rogers
6. Naomi Fife
7. Amalie Budgen
8. Fleirie Hunter W
9. Daniela Cezaretto
10. Jessica Vogt
11. Kerri-Ann Thibeau
12. Stephanie Grassi

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