Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crankworx Giant Slalom Results

Jill Kintner cruised to victory in last night's Crankworx Giant Slalom. Emmeline Ragot easily rolled through her early heats, but couldn't snag Jill in the finals. Melissa Buhl crashed in the second run of her first round, allowing Manon Carpenter to advance, and Leigh Donovan returned to gravity racing with a solid 3rd-place showing.

Today is the Canadian Open Enduro downhill race. It's a mass-start Super D/Megavalanche-style race designed for all-mountain bikes. Sunday is the Canadian Open DH race. More info is available at

Pro Women
1. Jill Kintner
2. Emmeline Ragot
3. Leigh Donovan
4. Manon Carpenter

Senior Women
1. Anita Naidu
2. Stephanie Grassi


Martha said...

Hey, I like the new header! Nice!

Freeride Foundation said...

Thanks! We're working on spiffing things up a bit now that we don't have product images to entertain you.