Saturday, May 2, 2009

Houffalize 4X World Cup Qualifying

The second round of World Cup 4X this season is underway in Houffalize, Belgium. There is only cross country and mountaincross racing in Belgium this weekend. The only gravity participants from the US are Jill Kintner and Melissa Buhl, and they're killing it in a field that stacked with talent. Jill qualified first over Anneke Beerten, and Melissa qualified 5th. The finals will be held later today.

1. Jill Kintner
2. Anneke Beerten
3. Romana Labounkova
4. Jana Horakova
5. Melissa Buhl
6. Emmeline Ragot
7. Anita Molcik
8. Lucia Oetjen
9. Diana Marggraff
10. Joanna Petterson
11. Mio Suemasa
12. Fionn Griffiths
13. Rachel Seydoux
14. Sarsha Huntington
15. Katarina Tothova
16. Angelika Hohenwarter
17. Steffi Marth
18. Marielle Jonker
19. Helene Valerie Fruhwirth
20. Neza Knez
21. Eva Castro Fernandez
22. Tereza Votavova
23. Elfriede Lehmann
24. Stephanie Teltscher

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