Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chalk Creek Stampeded Results

The Chalk Creek Stampede is the first gravity race of the 2009 Mountain States Cup calendar. The event, held in Nathrop, CO last weekend, included a dual slalom race and a mountaincross race. I always have trouble figuring out final placings from dual slalom brackets, so visit for the full results. Rachel Bauer took the dual slalom win and Bobbi Kae Watt took the mountaincross victory.

Dual Slalom
Pro, Cat. 1/2 Women
1. Rachel Bauer
2. Christen Boyer
3. Jackie Harmony
4. Neven Steinmetz
(then, I'm pretty sure it's:)
5. Jessica Vogt
6. Katy Monger
7. Lana Lawson

Pro, Cat.1 Women
1. Bobbi Kae Watt
2. Neven Steinmetz
3. Jessica Vogt
4. Jacquline Harmony
5. Rachel Bauer
6. Christen Boyer
7. Michelle Rivera
8. Catherine Cantway

Junior Women
1. Lana Lawson
2. Danika Gillespie

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