Monday, February 16, 2009

Mob in Mojave Results

Here are the real results from the first major US gravity race of 2009. The Mob in Mojave was held Feb 14-15 at Bootleg Canyon, NV. Jackie Harmony took the win over Lisa Myklak in the downhill race. Since it was a gravity-fest, we've included Super D results, and Linden Lane won for the pro women. Lisa won the dual slalom over Rachel Bauer.

USA Cycling renamed the racing categories for the season, so we've included the former names of the categories until everyone gets used to the number system.

Pro Women
1. Jackie Harmony
2. Lisa Myklak
3. Miranda Miller
4. Darian Harvey
5. Joy Martin
6. Christine Hirst
7. Laura Noonan
8. Tasa Herndon
9. Linden Lane
10. Jessica Vogt
11. Rachel Bauer

Cat 1 (Expert) Women
1. Francine Johnson
2. Rosie Bernhard
3. Nancy Morlock
4. Ana Rodriquez
5. Kelly Moore
6. Nancy Harris
7. Annamarie Hennes

Cat 2 (Sport) Women
1. Jessica Kirkpatrick
2. Cierra Smith
3. Amber Price
4. Lana Lawson

Dual Slalom
Pro Women
1. Lisa Myklak
2. Rachel Bauer
3. Jackie Harmony
4. Christine Hirst

Cat 1 Women
1. Joy Martin

Cat 3 (Beginner) Women
1. April Malvino

Super D
Pro Women
1. Linden Lane
2. Jackie Harmony

Cat 1 Women
1. Nancy Morlock

Cat 2 Women
1. Christin McCurdy
2. Amber Price
3. Sara Landis

Cat 3 Women
1. Steffani Packard
2. April Malvino

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