Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back from Ray's and Catching Up

What a great weekend! After riding more than 20 hours at Ray's in 4 days, I was able to let my tired hands and sore shoulders rest while hanging out with my family and friends outside of Cleveland on Monday and Tuesday. It was really interesting to experience such a great weekend of riding in the middle of winter, in Northeast Ohio. There were so many girls riding all weekend, and it was easy to see everyone improving and pushing themselves--it was also easy to walk around with a big old grin all day. I'm excited to have such a unique reason to go home and see the fam again next year. I encourage you to plan for the third-annual Women's Weekend at this time in 2010!

Now, back to work. Here are some results from the past few weekends. Sorry for slacking!

South Island Cup Downhill Series Results
Final Standings
Elite Women
1. Harriet Harper
2. Harriet Ruecknagel
3. Rita Langley
4. Katrina Strand
5. Gabrielle Molloy
6. Olivia Johnston
7. Dawn Daley-Coers
8. Amy Laird
9. Sabrina Jonnier

Open Women
1. Madeline Taylor
2. Amanda Pearce
3. Sophy Tyas
4. Veronique Sandler
5. Sarah Atkin

South Island Cup Downhill #3 (Final Round)
Blenheim, NZ
Feb. 21-22, 2009
Elite Women
1. Sabrina Jonnier
2. Harriet Harper
3. Harriet Ruecknagel
4. Amy Laird
5. Gabrielle Molloy
6. Katrina Strand
7. Olivia Johnston
8. Dawn Daley-Coers
9. Rita Langley

Open Women
1. Madeline Taylor
2. Veronique Sandler
3. Sophie Tyas
4. Amanda Pearce
5. Sarah Atkin

South Island Cup Downhill #2
Coronet Peak, NZ
Feb. 13-14, 2009
Elite Women
1. Harriet Ruecknagel
2. Harriet Harper
3. Katrina Strand
4. Olivia Johnston
5. Gabrielle Molloy
6. Dawn Daley-Coers
7. Rita Langley

Open Women
1. Emma Akerlind
2. Georgia Wight
3. Naomi Wilson
4. Dominique Doyan
5. Sophie Tyas
6. Madeline Taylor
7. Veronique Sandler
8. Amanda Pearce
9. Nancy Rehrer
10. Baylee Jackson
11. Phoebe Coers

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