Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tara Llanes "One of a Kind" Auction is Live!

As Tara continues to recover from her accident last fall, she needs to keep raising money to cover her medical expenses. Participating in the "One of a Kind" auction is not only a great way to help Tara's road to recovery, but it's also an awesome way to score yourself some sweet mountain biking memorabilia. There are bikes, skinsuits, jerseys, helmets and more up for auction. Each item in the auction was signed by, worn by, donated by and/or ridden by cycling's legendary pro riders including Elke Brutsaert, Brian Lopes, Mercedes Gonzales, and Ned Overend, as well as the sport's current stars, including Sabrina Jonnier, Steve Peat, and Tracy Moseley. (My favorite is the Marla Streb bobblehead doll.) To check out the items and place your own bids, visit http://www.go211.com/tara. The auction ends May 9.

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