Monday, April 14, 2008

Gravity Shootout Results

The Stump Grinder Dirt Club hosted a dual slalom and downhill weekend in Los Olivos, CA this weekend. Gabriela Williams took downhill the win for the pro ladies in a two-run combined format. The only other women's class was the Open Women. Sondra Williamson won the dual slalom over Erika Joehnck.

Pro Women
1. Gabriela Willams
2. Christine Hirst
3. Michelle Rivera
4. Erika Joehnck
5. Jennifer Wolf

Open Women
1. Jana Wilcox
2. Sarina Adams

Dual Slalom
Pro/Expert Women
1. Sondra Williamson
2. Ericka Joehnck
3. Rachael Lambert

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