Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keyesville Classic Results

The Keyesville Classic took place in Keyesville, CA this weekend. It was the first race of the USAC National Mountain Bike Calendar. The race was a two-run, combined-time format, with one run on each of two different courses. Several tie-breakers occured, with the better time on the second run being deemed the overall winner. Freeride Foundation swept the Pro Women!

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Pro Women
1. Allegra Burch
2. Jackie Baker
3. Tiffany Allmandinger

Expert Women
1. Joy Martin

1. Heidi Volpe

Sport Women
1. Allison Mann
2. Emily Georgeson
3. Stephanie Gaudreau
4. Tracy Nelson
5. Amy Fogerson

1. Erika Noez

1. Julie Framan

Beginner Women
1. Melissa Banal

We found our results at http://www.keyesville.com/.

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