Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Keyesville Classic Needs You!

Several years ago, Allie and I went to the Keyesville Classic in Keyesville, CA. The race, which is now in its 22nd year, combines a 2-course downhill race, a short track race, and a cross country race. You can enter one or all of the races. We tied for the win in the downhill, but I suffered through the cross country race as well, while Allie fled the scene. Not that I'm bitter at all...

This year, the race will be held March 19-21. There will be a women's cycling clothing fashion show, there's a pro payback for men and women, and there will be an Awesome Land: Women of Dirt movie screening too!

The catch is that last year, no pro women attended the race, meaning no girls claimed the pro payback! That's money on the table, girls!

Onsite camping is free, and there will be food at the venue as well. In addition, the clothes from the fashion show will be raffled off afterward.

You can register right now at KeyesvilleRacing.com.

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