Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Green River Bike Park!

As gravity addicts, we often find ourselves driving down long stretches of deserted highway on our way from race to race and resort to resort. Now, we all have a sweet spot to stop while traveling I-80 from Boulder to Salt Lake, or from Tahoe to Ray's or wherever you're trying to go that requires you to motor through the corridor of boring that is southern Wyoming. And that sweet spot happens to be in one of the most unlikely places: Green River, WY.

Green River is a mining town on the southern end of the Flaming Gorge. The landscape is similar to that in northwestern Colorado and eastern Utah, being fairly flat, but with cool rock formations to break up the sea of sage. Now, it's also home to a brand new bike park, designed and built by Rachael and Nat Lopes of Hilride. They're the same crew who built the Fresno bike park, and have consulted on numerous other projects in California and beyond.

To check out the progress and location of the Green River park, click here!

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